xCALLY - Omnichannel Contact Center Software

XCALLY is an innovative Omni Channel solution that integrates Asterisk™ with the Shuttle and Motion technologies, developed in the Xenialab research center. The solution is one of the best Contact Center management platform for multi-channel - voice, chat, email, SMS, fax and custom channels (social, video etc) - through standard APIs. XCALLY is currently used in over 50 countries, thanks to its ease of installation, setup and use.

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The XCALLY Features & Plans are designed for every kind of Customer Care: Inbound / Outbound / Blended Call Center or Omnichannel Contact Center!

Enjoy Voice, SMS, Web Chat, E-mail, Fax and Social Channels on the same unified solution!

Manage your Customers' information and keep track of their interactions across multiple Channels!

Develop your favorite custom channels (social networks, video etc) in just few steps. Your Agents will then manage Customer interactions inside a single Omnichannel Desktop interface.

Your Agents can login to their Queues, manage multiple Status and perform different Tasks, according to their assigned Skills, using the Windows Motion Phone bar.

Use the Realtime panels to monitor your Agent's performances and to make dynamical changes in case of urgency needs.

Analyze data and performances through our ready-to-use Reports or build your own Reports tailored to your business goals.

Every Contact Center is unique: build your own custom Dashboards to monitor and improve its performances!

Make things automatically happen, according to previously defined timing and actions.

Maximise your Agents talk time using the Preview, Power, Progressive or Predictive dialing.

Easily design your IVR projects - Auto-attendant, Customer Satisfaction surveys, Call back etc… - using the powerful drag & drop web GUI!

Handle calls using the Motion Web Real Time Communication Bar (WebRTC) embedded in the Omni Desktop Agent Interface!

Allow Agents to effectively collaborate and quickly solve customer issues!

DR and HA
Configure Disaster Recovery and High Availability infrastructures. You can get licenses for secondary server with a special discount!

Choose your preferred Provider! Voice traffic is charged and billed separately by your Voice Provider / Carrier in accordance with their terms and conditions.

Deploy Motion on dedicated server, virtual machine or even in the cloud. Choose your pricing model: monthly flat rate or lifetime licenses based on concurrent agents and IVR channels.

XCALLY Motion is now conforming, and before the May 25 2018 will become operational, to the GDPR specification indicated in the normative 2016/679/UE.

XCALLY is the solution for call centers developed in Italy, from a passionate and professional team, with specific experience and certifications on Asterisk™ and ITIL processes, for the management of customer care. The product has gained international recognition, it has been analyzed as a case of success from UCLA (California) and it is now used in contact centers of all sizes, who are looking for the flexibility provided by the latest versions of Asterisk™, combined with a professional user experience for operators, specific Web GUI for the management of multi-queue inbound and outbound processes, and off-line / real-time advanced reporting tools. We know well the contact centers dynamics, we develop Asterisk™ since he was born, we experienced the Voice over IP solutions since 1996...today we are ready to provide an advanced VoIP product, powerful and easy to use to improve your customer care!