BRI ports can be configured for TE or NT mode individually by jumpers. It can provide 4 simultaneous voice calls over 2 ISDN BRI lines, turns your legacy ISDN BRI equipments into powerful Voice over IP devices and provides a soft migration path from ISDN technology to the new Voice over IP world.
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Module of X204P/X204E Hybrid Telephone Cards
  Module  B100M
BRI Port2
Dinmensions (mm)5*3.9
DTMF Detection
Bus Master DMA
Voltage Detection
Hardware Watchdog


  • Up to 4 Simultaneous Voice Calls Over 2 ISDN BRI Lines (Per PCIe Slot)
  • Mix TE and NT Modes as Required
  • TE/CPE mode: BRI or PRI module can be used as transceiver synchronous clock, and the clock source line does not require link to the card